Successful Yard Sales

There will be a Milestone Community Yard Sale on Saturday, May 18, 2013.  “Yard Sale” signs to mark your property will be provided by Cardany Realty Group.  Signs may be picked up on Friday, May 17th between 5:00pm-7:00pm at 12512 Royal Crown Drive.  To reserve your sign, please contact Mike & Sharon Sarisohn at 301-515-3109 or via email at

Get the word out!  There are many ways to advertise your yard sale.  Social media is an inexpensive and effective tool to tell folks about the items that you are planning on selling.  There are also free online bulletin boards to promote your yard sale.  Flyers posted on community bulletins work well too.

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure! In the weeks leading up to your yard sale, compile the items you plan to sell.  If you still have the original boxes or manuals, place them with the item.  Know what sells and what doesn’t sell.  For example, furniture in need of minor updates or painting sells well right now.  However, avoid selling old cribs or

Price the top of all items or create bins of items with the same price.  Yard sale shoppers want bargain prices.  If you want top dollar for a quality piece of furniture, place it on Craigslist.  As the day goes on slash the prices on items that you don’t want to take back into your home or donate.  A quarter is better than hauling the items to the Salvation Army.

Organize! Create displays by sorting like items on tables or blankets.  Use Ziploc bags to contain sets or to keep small pieces together. Hang clothing presentable manner, separating children’s, men’s, women’s etcetera.

Make sure you have enough change, don’t run out of quarters, ones or fives.  Fanny packs or carpenter’s aprons are convenient.  As the day goes on, take large bills into the house and avoid taking out a large amount of cash to make change.  For safety purposes it’s also a good idea to have a cordless phone or cell phone in your apron.

All of these tips will help make your yard sale effective.  Don’t forget to take your signs down after the sale and return them to Mike & Sharon.  Have a great sale!