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Spring Cleaning Tips

by Cardany Realty Group

10 Essential Spring Cleaning Tips to Organize Your Year


Are you getting organized this spring? Chances are, you haven't made a spring cleaning plan that will set the tone for a productive year.


Check out these ten essential spring cleaning tips, and look for a few bonus ideas at the end:


  1. Welcome-in spring: focus on tasks that create renewal — the way dusting and window washing enhances your fresh air and sunshine indoors
  2. Set the mark high: remember that certain areas of the home — kitchen, bathrooms, kids rooms — require higher sanitary standards than others
  3. Don't forget your workspace: include your home office, desk, and inbox; be sure to spend time filing and recycling letters, catalogs and email
  4. Prepare your tools: store task-specific supplies together in a labeled bucket (e.g. "dusting supplies") making them easier to find next time you need them
  5. Minimize yourself: make decisions to purge your house of rarely used and unnecessary items; create boxes of items to sell and things to donate
  6. Clean your financial house too: this is a great time to sort your tax info, organize your bills, and improve your financial habits
  7. Hire out: certain tasks can be hired out affordably, allowing you to focus time elsewhere; get rates from a local maid service or lawn crew
  8. Begin one new habit: commit yourself to a new healthy activity, like cleaning the refrigerator weekly or buying more green products
  9. Plan forward: use this time to set in stone some daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning routines; write your household cleaning plan and keep it in your planner
  10. Don't create more waste: consider the environmental impact of your cleaning by using reusable towels, 

Snow Day!

by Cardany Realty Group


Another Snow Day?

Running out of ideas to keep the kids busy?

Here are some ways to make the most of the day!


  1. Scavenger Hunt: Write 8-12 clues, such as, “Clue #2 can be found in the place where we keep the milk”. Place a paper snowflake or special prize at the end. 
  2. Indoor Obstacle Course: Jump 3X on the pillows, Roll over the blanket, go around the chair 3X, gallop to the door and back, etc. For those looking for a competition:  Time it!
  3. Dixie Cup Tower: Get a large pack (300+) of Dixie cups at the grocery store. Make a tower using all of the cups!  
  4. Puzzle-Go-Round: Set up 3-4 puzzles around the house.  Every player will rotate to each puzzle and spend 2-5 minutes putting in as many pieces as they can.  See how fast the puzzles can be completed!
  5. Snow Ice Cream:  Fill a large bowl with snow.  Mix 1/2 cup sugar and 1 cup milk (food coloring optional). Mix the milk mixture to the snow and stir until combined. May need to add more sugar and/or milk. 
  6. Mail Here!: Write a letter, draw a picture, and/or send a photo to a friend or relative.  Send it to them in the mail!
  7. Have a Beach Party:  Feeling Cold?  Try warming up by spreading out a beach blanket and towels, let the kids put on their bathing suits (and even sunscreen, if desired), and have lunch or dinner “at the beach”!  Positive thinking! 
  8. Science Experiments: Have any baking soda and vinegar?  Let the kids make a volcano by placing baking soda in a bottle.  Then pour in the vinegar (red food coloring optional) and watch to see what happens!  Easy clean up if done in the bathtub.
  9. Snow Spray Paint: Fill a spray bottle with water and several drops of food coloring.  Then go outside and turn the snow different colors!
  10. Cool Critters: Tired of snowmen?  Try to make a caterpillar out of snow!
  11. Pin the Smile on The Snowman:  Build a snowman and gather the materials for the nose, eyes, and buttons. Use a blindfold and have kids place items on the snowman.
  12. Target Practice: Make a target for throwing snowballs!  

Go Take a Hike!!

by Cardany Realty Group

Are  you looking for something fun to do with the family this weekend?  Take a short drive up county and take a hike up Sugarloaf Mountain!  Not only can you hike their great trails and take in the scenery, but there is another way to see the mountain.  Have you been to the Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard?  Each weekend in summer they have live music and wine tasting.  Pack a picnic, bring a blanket and grab the whole family (even the dog is invited) and head to the mountain.  It is truly a great way to unwind and spend the day.  Check out their website to get the full list of all their upcoming activities.

Enjoy your hike!!



Gettting Ready for the 4th of July!

by Cardany Realty Group

Do you have big plans for the 4th of July?  Does your family have a favorite tradition? Favorite food?  We would love to hear what you do to celebrate the 4th.  For those of you who are looking to stay in the area over the holiday, you won't have to drive far to find a patriotic atmosphere.  


The Germantown Soccerplex will be hosting a patriotic concert at 7 pm and a fireworks show that will start around 9:15.  The Soccerplex is located at 18041 Central Park Circle, Boyds, Maryland.   

Gaithersburg will celebrate the 4th of July with live music, food and fireworks at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds.  There will be a concert with "Elizabeth Phil & Chris" at 5:30 along with "The Lloyd Dobler Effect", who will begin their concert at 7 pm.  A Spectacular fireworks show will start around 9:25 pm.


Fun Fact:  Did you know...John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both died on July 4, 1826, which was the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence??  




Your Real Estate Partner for Life

by Cardany Realty Group

The real estate industry is built on relationships.  From the beginning of a transaction until the final signature line at settlement, Realtors rely on the connections they’ve made with lenders, contractors and attorneys.  The relationship with the client doesn’t end at the settlement table.  We’re here to help when a pipe bursts in the middle of winter, when you’ve decided you can’t live with that paint color a moment longer and when it’s time to sell or refinance. 

For several years many homeowners have been “under water” or “upside down” on their mortgage; meaning they owed more than their home was worth.  As the market continues to improve many homeowners are interested in their home’s current market value to determine if now’s the time to refinance or move to a larger home.  Homeownership is often the most important investment that you will make.  Just like the stock market, the real estate market should be tracked and protected.

We recently launched a new website.  The feedback we’ve received is fantastic.  The tools on our new site allow buyers to search properties and sellers to request a current market analysis at their convenience.   At any time consumers can log onto to complete a request for a market analysis.  This is a great first step to make a big decision.  The Cardany Group is also available to complete an in-depth analysis based on specific finishes, property age and condition.

Al recently completed a market analysis for Steve, one of our newsletter recipients.  Here’s what Steve had to say.   “Al, we received the news today from our future lender.  Our home appraised for $655,000, so we are good to go for the refinance unless something unexpected happens.  Thanks again for the research you did on our evaluation. “

Consider the Cardany Group part of your financial resource team.  We're happy to answer questions and point you in the right direction!


Happy Memorial Day

by Cardany Realty Group


Memorial Day marks the start of summer.  Pools open, hot dogs and hamburgers are on the menu and it is a time for friends and family to come together to celebrate.  Memorial Day means school is almost out for the year and summer vacation begins.  But for many, Memorial Day means so much more than BBQ’s and pool parties.  Often this day is not observed as it should be.  I wonder how many of us actually take the time to reflect on this holiday to remember our family members (past and present), neighbors and friends who have sacrificed their lives to protect us. Let's remember the widows, widowers, the children who lost a parent, the sisters and brothers and the disabled veterans.

Memorial Day is also a day to reflect on our Flag and what it stands for.  So as you gather with your family and friends to celebrate, take a moment to honor our veterans and gaze a second longer at the Red White and Blue.  Have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend!! 


You're a grand old flag, 

You're a high flying flag

And forever in peace may you wave.

You're the emblem of 

The land I love.

The home of the free and the brave.

Ev'ry heart beats true

'neath the Red, White and Blue,

Where there's never a boast of brag.

Should auld acquaintance be forgot, 

Keep your eye on the grand old flag. 




Rockville is hosting its annual Hometown Holidays.



Hometown Holidays is Rockville, Maryland’s annual street festival celebrating Memorial Day. The three-day event features dozens of entertainers performing on seven stages, children's rides, teen activities, VisArts Fine Arts Festival, an environmental expo, the Taste of Rockville, the Annual Ride for Rockville Bicycle Tour, and the Memorial Day Ceremony and Parade. 

This year's Memorial Day ceremony includes music by the Rockville Concert Band and Chorus, a wreath laying led by American Legion Post 86, and 21-gun salute and presentation of colors by American Legion Post 86 Color Guard. The Memorial Day Parade includes drill teams, marching bands, community groups, and more. 

Dates: May 25 - 27, 2013


Hometown Holidays is located in Rockville Town Center and is walking distance from the Rockville Metro Station.







Tips for a Successful Yard Sale

by Cardany Realty Group

Successful Yard Sales

There will be a Milestone Community Yard Sale on Saturday, May 18, 2013.  “Yard Sale” signs to mark your property will be provided by Cardany Realty Group.  Signs may be picked up on Friday, May 17th between 5:00pm-7:00pm at 12512 Royal Crown Drive.  To reserve your sign, please contact Mike & Sharon Sarisohn at 301-515-3109 or via email at

Get the word out!  There are many ways to advertise your yard sale.  Social media is an inexpensive and effective tool to tell folks about the items that you are planning on selling.  There are also free online bulletin boards to promote your yard sale.  Flyers posted on community bulletins work well too.

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure! In the weeks leading up to your yard sale, compile the items you plan to sell.  If you still have the original boxes or manuals, place them with the item.  Know what sells and what doesn’t sell.  For example, furniture in need of minor updates or painting sells well right now.  However, avoid selling old cribs or

Price the top of all items or create bins of items with the same price.  Yard sale shoppers want bargain prices.  If you want top dollar for a quality piece of furniture, place it on Craigslist.  As the day goes on slash the prices on items that you don’t want to take back into your home or donate.  A quarter is better than hauling the items to the Salvation Army.

Organize! Create displays by sorting like items on tables or blankets.  Use Ziploc bags to contain sets or to keep small pieces together. Hang clothing presentable manner, separating children’s, men’s, women’s etcetera.

Make sure you have enough change, don’t run out of quarters, ones or fives.  Fanny packs or carpenter’s aprons are convenient.  As the day goes on, take large bills into the house and avoid taking out a large amount of cash to make change.  For safety purposes it’s also a good idea to have a cordless phone or cell phone in your apron.

All of these tips will help make your yard sale effective.  Don’t forget to take your signs down after the sale and return them to Mike & Sharon.  Have a great sale!

Should I Buy a Home Now?

by Cardany Realty Group

I'm often asked if this is a good time to buy a home. Some clients are concerned that home prices may fall further than they have already. They are assuming that the best course of action is to wait for the bottom in the market and then buy. The problem with this approach is that you don't know where the bottom is until you see it in the rear view mirror, meaning until you've missed it!

Home prices are one factor in determining your cost of ownership, but so are interest rates and financing availability. Even though interest rates have gone up in the last six months, they are still near historic lows. Since your monthly mortgage payment is a combination of paying down your principal and paying the interest owed, if home prices come down a little further but interest rates go up, it could cost you even more to service a mortgage on an identical home!

While a home is a major investment, it is also the center of your personal life. It's important to live in a home that reflects your taste and values, yet is within your financial "comfort zone." To that end, it may be more important to lock in today's relatively low interest rates and low home prices, rather than to hope for a further break in prices in the future.

Please give me a call if I can be of any assistance in determining how much home you can afford in today's market.

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