Another Snow Day?

Running out of ideas to keep the kids busy?

Here are some ways to make the most of the day!


  1. Scavenger Hunt: Write 8-12 clues, such as, “Clue #2 can be found in the place where we keep the milk”. Place a paper snowflake or special prize at the end. 
  2. Indoor Obstacle Course: Jump 3X on the pillows, Roll over the blanket, go around the chair 3X, gallop to the door and back, etc. For those looking for a competition:  Time it!
  3. Dixie Cup Tower: Get a large pack (300+) of Dixie cups at the grocery store. Make a tower using all of the cups!  
  4. Puzzle-Go-Round: Set up 3-4 puzzles around the house.  Every player will rotate to each puzzle and spend 2-5 minutes putting in as many pieces as they can.  See how fast the puzzles can be completed!
  5. Snow Ice Cream:  Fill a large bowl with snow.  Mix 1/2 cup sugar and 1 cup milk (food coloring optional). Mix the milk mixture to the snow and stir until combined. May need to add more sugar and/or milk. 
  6. Mail Here!: Write a letter, draw a picture, and/or send a photo to a friend or relative.  Send it to them in the mail!
  7. Have a Beach Party:  Feeling Cold?  Try warming up by spreading out a beach blanket and towels, let the kids put on their bathing suits (and even sunscreen, if desired), and have lunch or dinner “at the beach”!  Positive thinking! 
  8. Science Experiments: Have any baking soda and vinegar?  Let the kids make a volcano by placing baking soda in a bottle.  Then pour in the vinegar (red food coloring optional) and watch to see what happens!  Easy clean up if done in the bathtub.
  9. Snow Spray Paint: Fill a spray bottle with water and several drops of food coloring.  Then go outside and turn the snow different colors!
  10. Cool Critters: Tired of snowmen?  Try to make a caterpillar out of snow!
  11. Pin the Smile on The Snowman:  Build a snowman and gather the materials for the nose, eyes, and buttons. Use a blindfold and have kids place items on the snowman.
  12. Target Practice: Make a target for throwing snowballs!