The real estate industry is built on relationships.  From the beginning of a transaction until the final signature line at settlement, Realtors rely on the connections they’ve made with lenders, contractors and attorneys.  The relationship with the client doesn’t end at the settlement table.  We’re here to help when a pipe bursts in the middle of winter, when you’ve decided you can’t live with that paint color a moment longer and when it’s time to sell or refinance. 

For several years many homeowners have been “under water” or “upside down” on their mortgage; meaning they owed more than their home was worth.  As the market continues to improve many homeowners are interested in their home’s current market value to determine if now’s the time to refinance or move to a larger home.  Homeownership is often the most important investment that you will make.  Just like the stock market, the real estate market should be tracked and protected.

We recently launched a new website.  The feedback we’ve received is fantastic.  The tools on our new site allow buyers to search properties and sellers to request a current market analysis at their convenience.   At any time consumers can log onto to complete a request for a market analysis.  This is a great first step to make a big decision.  The Cardany Group is also available to complete an in-depth analysis based on specific finishes, property age and condition.

Al recently completed a market analysis for Steve, one of our newsletter recipients.  Here’s what Steve had to say.   “Al, we received the news today from our future lender.  Our home appraised for $655,000, so we are good to go for the refinance unless something unexpected happens.  Thanks again for the research you did on our evaluation. “

Consider the Cardany Group part of your financial resource team.  We're happy to answer questions and point you in the right direction!